Anais Nedelec
MICE Manager

Favorite Destination: MONTREAL

“My favorite city is Montreal. It is a blend of North American and European cultures, a bilingual city with a lot of diversity, and a thriving food scene. Each season has its charm, making your experience unique.

Summer is the busiest time of the year with festivals every day: music, circus, dance, food, humor – it’s non-stop!

Autumn is the season of colors, when trees turn red, yellow, green, and brown. It’s a lovely time for hiking and observing wildlife around the city.

Winter is magical. Life goes on even after a snowstorm. Hockey games and snowmen are everywhere!

Spring is always very exciting. Montrealers eagerly anticipate the opening of terraces and take advantage of the first warm day to enjoy water sports.

But most importantly, it’s the kindness of Quebecers t

Marina Zine
Sales Manager MICE

Favorite Destination: LAS VEGAS

Vegas baby! This electric city is an absolute icon, and I can’t help but feel like I stepped into my favorite movie whenever I go. The hotels are absolutely legendary, and the city represents an embracing variety in cultures, cuisines, and design. The nightlife is so fabulous, and lives up to all the hype. But my favorite part is expressed in the contrasts. When you need a break from all the big city glamour, give yourself twenty minutes, and you can be in the desert driving Sun Buggy’s over the Nevada Desert. Or, for the experience to cap it all – watch the sun set over the Grand Canyon, one of the great wonders of the world. Las Vegas is the place to make your own.